Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Kickstarter Finally Did it: Traffic Analytics!

One of our chief complaints running our project on Kickstarter is the lack of built in traffic analytics. Kickstarter gives you some information about backers and where they came from (referrers), but absolutely no data on visitors that didn't back your project. Until today!

To my surprise, I was going over our project dashboard, and I see a field where I can enter our Google Analytics Tracking ID. I was shocked...was it there all along and I just didn't see it? I really felt stupid!

What that means is that you can use your existing website Google Analytics (or create a new one) and just collect this data off of your Kickstarter project page. The very same powerful tools you're familiar with now can be used to track your project. That's awesome!

I needed to find out if it's new or it has been there all along. I Googled for any write up about the subject and went over several pages of hits and nothing. Most of the links I found talked about the lack of analytics. My post Traffic Matters talked about this problem and prescribed some workarounds. Then as a last ditch effort, I went to Kickstarter's Company Blog and to my surprise on the very top, Kickstarter Introduces Google Analytics, a blog post dated today.

So, here you have it. Now, you can actually gain traffic analytics on your project. Simple solution that is well needed, and it's finally here.

A quick plug to our Kickstarter campaign: Please visit our Kickstarter project at and help us reach our goal. We've learned a lot from this experience and hope that we pass this experience forward. Our platform will launch regardless of the outcome of our Kickstarter campaign this summer, but it sure will be a great milestone to meet our Kickstarter goal.